Prelude Process 02

A week of Fischerspoonering distraction and I’m back on track as of yesterday with a new plan and an old script.


Amazingly, I seem to only have the script in hard copy, else I would post it here.  Here’s the idea.  Pleaseure + CHN01 + EDP.  I wrote this thing when I was in college.  It’s a performance piece that is written for a single performer.  The piece was only performed once in a theatre in Spanish Harlem by Michael Balsley, in its entirety and as it was written.  I’ve pulled various themes from it over the years to use in different pieces, especially a section called “BIG FAN”  which I’ve used specifically for in Chicago with BPG and the New York Fringe Festival.

Last week I spent a bunch of time starting.  That’s always the hardest thing for me.  The start.  I shot video of my mouth  while reading There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury.  I didn’t know what to expect, but the results were not at all inspiring.  I ended up using some of the video for the Fischerspooner show in Italy.  Surprise, surprise I insert myself into their show when I can.  I was pondering my meager output from a whole Sunday session of autovideo, in the shower, the next morning, when various things lined up for me.

The structure of Pleaseure as a script

The physicality of the TwitchSet and the Performoshoes

The mask of the Prolixus

The constraint of the FaceMask

Let’s get these guys together.  I’ve tried something like this before, but now I would like to flesh it out completely.