TwitchSet roots itself in a deep desire for the intuitive and invisible control of media.  If blinking your eyes can snap the shutter on a Polaroid camera imagine how it feels to bring up the stage lights by simply turning over your hand, or cueing a blackout with a fall to the floor.  Using a TwitchSet in a public performance space, or an invisible performance space, might carry more potential impact even than their use on the stage.   These kind of mapped movements are what TwitchSet explores.  More than the other devices, TwitchSet is predominantly void of any sort of authored voice.  It doesn’t come with a prepackaged narrative or form factor.   Mostly they are meant to be invisible – mapping themselves to the gesticulations of the performer.  The performers limbs become the device – become the sensor.  More than the other devices, they are tools for performance.  It is all about how they are used that determine their voice.  They are made to be unnoticed on the body, whereas the other devices’ form factors are a large part of their communicative abilities. 

    + BLINKCAM  
    + FACEMASK  
    + PROLIXUS