Perform-o-shoes are a pair of sensor-embedded NewBalances and accompanying hat.
A performer dons the shoes and straps the wireless modules around her calves. The performance begins. Based on the performer's flex of the foot, height of the foot off the floor, and tempo between foot-falls, audio (voice modulation), video (backdrop) and lighting (midi-controlled lighting dimmer) are manipulated specifically to the performer's expectations throughout the rehearsal process. The performer has played and experimented with this "tool" for weeks. While everything is now scripted, since the performer has total control as well as mastery of the toom, there is a possibility for improv to be incorporated. Although the shoes are built with a specific performance in mind, they can be transported into the realm of game or instrument quite invisibly.
The shoes themselves are store bought and retrofitted in several different iterations. Stereo quarter-inch jacks adorn the back of the sole. Quarter-inch cable connects the sensors of the shoes to two respective wireless modules which, in-turn, send the sensor values on to the receiver who talks MIDI to a custom Max patch controlling video, sound, analog vertical television hold, and even a midi controlled lighting dimmer. The shoe is built as a modular instrument to be able to work with the custom Max patch. The Max patch itself is further modular to be able to control any number of retrofitted, customized theatrical equipment.
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