Fucking finally.

A new blog address means finally being able to comment.  ohmygodthepossibilities.  In all honesty, I have not a clue in the world if anyone stops by here sometimes occasional, but in the off chance that you do, I’d love to know it and know what you might think.  The whole move was actually finally pushed over the edge by Mike Bukhin when he let me know he tried leaving a comment on my toJanice post and received an error.

Well, Mike, no more errors.  I’m gonna comment on my own shit right now just for the fun of it.  Thanks.

Join me!  Comment!  GRRRAAararashhghggg!!!


After a very long time with Movable Type, I’ve finally switched over to Word Press. I’ve wanted to this for so long now, but the fact that MT wouldn’t properly export all my previous entries and that Godaddy wouldn’t properly serve Word Press stuffs made it somewhat difficult. I’ve switched my Godaddy hosting over to Linux which takes care of the Word Press compatibility problem and I’ve manually exported most of my prebvious entries at the old address.

So here it is…a new simpler address, one that can actually receive comments, and one that is under my administration.
The old blog address will stay there for permalink purposes, and this new address will be the one with fresh and exciting updates from the land of Narcissus.
tell your friends…


Just got back from the Janice Dickinson Modeling experience. Wowsers. Here’s my documentation. The segment doesn’t air until December. More later.


I’ll be in LA this morning (right now I’m in NYC) to shoot a segment for the reality TV show, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. Janice wants to turn her agency green. I’m there to help, and to get het into the solar bikini. I’ll be back in NYC tonight, god willing. More to come.


I got a Flickr Pro account. I remember two years ago when I heard someone say, “I just need a good photo manager.” I laughed…nay, scoffed. I actually wrote the phrase down so I could use it later. How absurd.
I finally replaced my second stolen camera.
I got a Flickr Pro account. Here we go.

STRATEGIES (against architecture)

My theatre company, big|picture|group is currently in residence at the University of Chicago. We will be showing what we’ve been up to this Sunday (August 10th) at 7:00 PM in the first floor theatre at the Reynolds Club on the corner of 57th St. and University on the U of C campus. It’s free. It’s about architecture. Literal, metaphorical, incomprehensible. It’s free.

I’ve set up a blog to have the group who’s working on it document their thoughts and process. Not too much activity here, but still a good document for a frustrating process.

ah well.

This summer I applied for a finishing funds stipend from I made it as a one of five finalists, but found out today that I did not close the deal. The guy who did however really deserves it. I think that I can honestly say that I am genuinely more excited for this guy to have the money rather than me.


SIGGRAPH unravel 2007

It’s the SIGGRAPH UnRavel festival 2007 in sunny San Diego California! I just wish I was actually there. I’m doing some really artsy shit in Chicago, but thanks to some last minute favors from great friends, it looks like everything is working out alright for the solar bikini during this two-day event. A nice spread this morning on the BBC’s website including othe ITPers Jenny Chowdhury and Joo Youn Paek. I can’t wait to roll out the iDrink!

more on the solar bikini…

GPS strike

Hello. The Good Person of Setzuan has now closed. My theatre company in Chicago, Big|Picture|Group, ran the Brecht classic for five weeks at the Athenaeum theatre on the north side. Over all the show went well. We got some reviews from The Chicago Tribune, the Windy City Times, Center Stage, the Chicago Reader, and Time Out Chicago. I’d like to take the opportunity here to single out a pretty amazing review here from If you know Brecht, you know why this review is almost not to be believed.

I took some time lapse of the strike after our last show. It’s pretty boring.