“The 1492nd dorkbot-nyc meeting will take place at 7pm on Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 at Location One in SoHo.” And I’ll be showing my stuff! Experimental Devices for Performance comes out out of it’s fall hiatus and rears it’s experimental head to the SoHo masses. I’ll be featured with the other “Humid and Tropical” presenters Ted Johnson and Fiona Hallinan (aka Fink). Ted will be talking about “how to build your own secret laboratory in a small NYC-sized space and at a low cost, and thereby produce silly and useless gadgets” and Fiona “would like to tell a story about [her] first interactive experience between computers and people, which occurred when [she] was twelve years old.” I have no idea what to expect except that it’s free and everyone seems really very nice. So please come on out! Free (((BlinkCam))) pics!  (see below)

(Image by Lisa Max)



re:alization 01


It’s all ready.

It’s all already.

It’s all right there.


I don’t know why I made this video. But, I’m glad I did. I’ve been pretty burnt out lately. Tonite I got a drink with Ryan and Ted on 94th St. and 3rd Ave. We talked a lot about music. Anyhow. Today is my day one day off per week from Wooster. I spent it at my second job in the financial district editing video for The left channel of video is me during an eight hour work day at Paltalk during what is supposed to be my one day off per week. The right channel of video is me getting home from a drink with Ryan and Ted. The music is by The Horrors.  Enjoy.

the archery contest

The Archery Contest (a radio play), conceived and executed by John Jahnke, and the Hotel Savant opens tomorrow at P.S.122. I was fortunate to be involved in the project in a p-comp sort of way. I retrofitted six antique radios, which earned me the credit of “Sound Installation.” I cannot attend the performance but wish them all the best. I’ve been to a couple of rehearsals, and the show is quite mysteriously entertaining in a very Nancy Drew sort of way. If you’re into sleuthing at all (or if the word “sleuthing” makes you feel funny) then this work in progress is definitely for you. More info here.

S.A.D. Faust Arp

My buddy, the GabeBC has posted a sweet new music video on You Tube for Radiohead’s Faust Arp.


The original footage is from a project that we collaborated on at ITP about a year ago. It’s getting quite a few views for whatever that’s worth. I think the original project, called S.A.D. Man, is also definitely worth checking out. In short, we make an interactive video that changes with the sun’s setting and rising. A really slow interaction. Here’s my documentation. Here’s Gabe’s.