1: Hello Class


* Hello Java: main
* Hello Eclipse: new project, new class, run
* Hello CVS : share> new repository, update committ
* Extra Credit HelloProcessing, HelloWindow
* Find Example
* Reading: Golan, Head First Java p 1-150


The transition into the Eclipse environment was a smooth one perhaps only because I never picked up any steam as an even semi-proficient programmer in the Processing environment. Great for me…clean slate.

I won’t bore you here with the details of a “Hello World” in a new environment. I’ll save the “boring you” for the exciting stuff.

In regard to the Golan reading and starting to think about the webcam assignment I find Suicide Box by the Bureau of Inverse Technology (Natalie Jeremijenko and Kate Rich) to be very intriguing for various reasons. The actual content of the piece is quite interesting, as well as the technical aspects I can imagine were used to implement the project. I think I may use similar methods for a mouth tracking project which could turn into the webcam project of next week.