With a week off to play and catch up on missed opportunities, I return this week with a preview and primer of things to come.

The video at right was accomplished using a Jitter patch from an article written by bi-coastal artist and contributor to Res Magazine, Perry Hoberman. Implemented with two iSight’s and a little common evolutionary trait known as stereoscopic vision, all you need is two eyes and a pair of standard 3-D anaglyph red/blue or red/cyan glasses (got mine from St. Marks Comics) and you’re in business.

In the article (Double iSight: EZ 3-D Filmmaaking, res magazine, jan/feb 2006) I am happy to hear Hoberman comment, “At last the technological infrastructure may be in place to allow 3-D to become part of mainstream cinematic practice…However, 3-D will remain nothing more than a gimmick without the development of a new cinematic language…” Defense of content. It is always nice to hear.