sustainable energy::open proposal


An open proposal to the Sustainable Enegy class & the whole of ITP:

I was thinking-on-paper (as opposed to thinking out loud) after our first Sustainability class, and thought that I’d post the result, get your thoughts, start a dialogue, generate ideas.

This is in re: the possibility of individual projects of the members of the class as subsets (sub-projects) of a larger scale project involving the whole class and it’s unique position (talent / resources / specificity of the course topic).

Sitting in the first sustainability class on Thursday, I was prepared to be non-plussed regarding what were about to discuss. It’s a shitty thing, but I’ll admit that I only signed up for the class because it was a two-credit class that I happened to signup for before it closed.

As the class got underway, and as we started to circle the room, talking about what our backgrounds in the subject were, what our passions in the subject were, etc., I was surprised to find that I actually had something to say, and more so the feeling that actually welled up within my angsty teenage-ey thoughts on the subject.

It became apparant to me at that moment that this was a special course being taught here, and moreso that we as the participants in the class were in a position to do something special. Other courses offered this semester may approach a specific topic, and the resulting work and projects are bound to stretch the limits of that subject and that form in very disparate ways. Other classes tend to output a range of product, from art-piece to big-game to social-networker. This course “Sustainable Practices,” seems to be about one thing. Change. And, change, for the betterment of all.

The more people that want something to change, the more likely that change is to occur.

What I am about to suggest then, may negate individual projects, being worked on by individual people, that have been dreamed up in individual minds.

I believe that we have a unique opportunity to use and pool the resources of our class as a whole to affect change on a large scale within our immediate environment.

What could happen if we, the whole class, worked on the same project:

Getting ITP, or a section of ITP “off the grid.”

It is an enormous undertaking, and one which I believe would necessitate the participation of the majority of those enrolled in the class. The scale of the project would also have the benefit of a broad spectrum of topics and techniques to be covered. In other words, the project is broad enough to include many of the topics that may otherwise be covered as parts of individual projects. From the negotiations with Administration to the research of the tech to make it happen, the project would need to be broken down into sub-projects with committees assigned to each. In this way, individuals can work on specific things coinciding with their specific interests in taking the course in the first place. These smaller projects would be in service of the “whole.” I also think, we would need a “director” of sorts to manage the project, simply for the reason of scale. As the instructor of the course, I think Tom would make a good candidate.

Is this at all feasible, to work on a class project that spans the semester, and involves the entire class?

I would appreciate any thoughts you may have. At all.