project development studio week.01

From the course description:

“This is an environment for students to work on their existing project ideas that may fall outside the topic areas of existing classes. It is basically like an independent study with more structure and the opportunity for peer learning.” more>>

I will be teaming with Michael DelGaudio for this class.

The original proposal for the class:

“Everyone is familiar with the idea of ambient music and sound. As we move though our environment sound sets the mood creating a transparent emotion quality over the space. We are aware of the sounds in the background but are not paying attention to them. Television, on the other hand, and the act of watching a screen engages viewer in a direct fashion. This independent study aims to investigate how screen can play a passive role in creating an emotional quality in a space.”

There is still some ambiguity and openended-ness in terms of where this project’s direction will initially begin. A meeting with Michael on Friday, and we should have most of this cleared up.

more to come…