Things I’ve always wanted to say to you

A Public Apology -
This morning I hit the foot of a woman in front of me with the bar of the revolving subway turn-style coming out of the 8th street downtown N train exit.

The Scene:

She’s walking slowly. She’s in a Robert Wilson stage direction she’s walking so slow. She’s walking next to a turtle. I am stuck behind her. We get to the turn-style. She waits two full revolutions. Nothing. No signs of any forward motion. I do a half-committed open-palm Virgin Mary thing behind her and finally she enters the turn-style. I make it a point to get in at the next slot to show her that it’s not just one person per revolution, but one person per slot, making it in fact three people per revolution. The thing that I do not do, is push. I simply keep her pace, immediately behind her. She exits. I keep her pace. It’s a good three feet until that next divider bar of the turn-style is gonna fly by at a blazing 1-2 mph. Somehow….somehow it grazes the back of her heel. And then I exit. And then she turns, looks and me, twists her face, and walks toward the wall. She puts her hand up against the wall, for support I’m assuming, and makes that mad-faced open-mouthed subdued-but-animalistic low growl. And shouts, “why did you do that! you should have waited.” “I’m sorry,” I say. I say I am sorry four or five more times as I walk next to her, speedily now walking up the stairs. She turns the corner. And I say I am sorry.

These types of things have been happening lately. I’ll be in a rush, and commuters will be strolling along like it’s national hands-in-your-pockets-day. They’ll be in my way and they’ll be moving slowly and I’ll accidentally brush their elbow with the turn-style. They’ll be walking up the stairs two at a time, when it’s obvious there are lines established. I won’t get out of the way. They get out of the way a bit too late. Out shoulders meet, we are both shocked at the force. They’ll be slow on the steps. I’ll accidentally find their Duane Reade bag underfoot. Crunch.

I’ve decided that this cannot weigh on my conscience any longer. I have decided to make a public apology.

I’ve coupled this idea, with an exploration in Wearables. This is a self-user test. The next step is to get the proper screen and build the wearable device to hold it in place.

And yes.

I’m sorry