100 sketches, Part 1

I’m in a rut. I am a highschool lover. I am an adolescent trying to complete his master’s thesis. The thing that is really tying me up is an inability to actually start. To actually dive in. Get physical. Physical. Mostly I’m not 100% sold on my idea. I’m not 100% sure I know exactly what my idea is for that matter.

In lieu of these revelations, I’ve decided to do some sketches. Well, not some…100. I ‘m going to try to get these things out 25 at a time. Over the course of the next few nights I’ll be taking time lapse video of these improvised sketches in action. The documentation is both for archival and motivation. The archival of erased sketches allows me to revisit all off the sketches at a later date in a different medium than the traditional sketch. The motivation is a time-based one. Once the camera starts, it doesn’t stop until all 25 sketches are done.

These sketches are meant to be directly related to my thesis, however, I’m not going to worry about drawing rubbish. Anything and everything will be committed to and not over-thought. In this way, the sketches are an ideation improvisation exercise.

Yesterday’s dailies post was taped during the same period and used as an idea generator and palette cleanser.

Here’s the link to the video.