100 sketches, part 2

“I’ve decided to do some sketches. Well, not some…100. I’m going to try to get these things out 25 at a time. Over the course of the next few nights I’ll be taking time lapse video of these improvised sketches in action.” (from the previous post) The second 25 sketches were much harder to complete than the first. I actually had to take a water break after about ten or so sketches. I wasn’t thirsty.

I’m not actually sure this is helping.

Link to the 100 sketches, part 2 video – the second 25.

Link to the 100 sketches, part 1 video – the first 25.

view the start of the project.

My apologies. I won’t be able to roll these out by the weekend. Spring Break closes the floor Saturday and Sunday so it’s me without my white board. Perhaps I’ll break into the grade school behind my house.

Not in a bad way.