Wearables Final Presentation

I gave my final in-class presentation yesterday. It was for Personal Expression and Wearable Technologies class. I had created the usual Keynote Presentation and was all ready to roll, when I was riding the train to the village in the morning and it struck me that this would be a good opportunity to do something different. Try to out with a bang. Prep for my actual thesis presentation. I knew and I know, I am not going to make a “performance” for the thesis presentation, but I do want to perform the presentation. I can use the devices to talk about the devices. Since I am focusing my final in wearables on the Prolixus (formerly known as the FaceMask) I thought it would be a good opportunity to use the device for what it does best (besides making people feel uncomfortable). I would give my presentation through someone else. I would speak for them. My mouth. Their face. I somehow tricked Kate Hartman into agreeing to help me out. I rigged up a microphone outside the room, and gave Kate the instructions about advancing the Keynote presentation. I could hear absolutely nothing. “Working the room” though obstructed view and no sound is not an easy thing to do. I’m still not sure what the feeling was in the room. Perhaps the documentations below will help. Thanks to Preston Noon for the video and Kate Hartman for the surrogation. The whole class did some pretty amazing work. I especially enjoyed Ben Leduc-Mills’ SMS (Secret Messaging Sweatshirt), Kyveli Vezani’s work with Ziplock Bags, and Addie Wagenknecht’s dirty little secrets. Video of the Prolixus below: