…and seven weeks later we have a first post. I’ve tried my hand at meditation6. From Luke’s description:
“this patch textures maps a cube drawn not as a simple primitive (e.g. using []) but as a platonic solid. as a result, the texture is mapped across the entire surface of the object, not tiled on each face. The nice thing about platonic solids is that you can independently texture each face of the object by creating a jitter matrix for the texture that contains six tiled images.” And our mission: “change this patch so that you composite individual images for each face of the cube (see the help patch for [] for how it works out.) you can use still images, movies, different effects on a similar movie, etc. you’ll need a [jit.matrix] object at some point to do the composition, using the dstdim attributes to place images in different parts of the texture.”

I think I’ve got a variation of a possible solution working, (download the .sitx here) however I still have some questions regarding the size of the platonic solid I am drawing to. How big is it? My source movies, which are 320×240, don’t look too pretty. Is this due to running 5 movies and a live cam all at once? Is this just due to interpolation or lack of interpolation?