The face mask has been going through different iterations lately. I’ve repositioned the camera on the back, added new IR LEDs and diffusers and am now using a lithium-polymer battery instead of a DC converter for all the power. This contrast of the image is helped by the IR LEDs, which makes the viewing angle a bit better as well. I’ve also got my Xbee circuit set up on a perf board as explained in the video and as seen in the pictures below.

Last but certainly not least is the Max patch that I’ve been working on (screen shot / .sit). Compare this new patch with what I was doing in the old version. Many thanks to Luke DuBois for the help with efficiency of parsing in Max and to Rob Faludi for help with general Xbee packet information and for letting me borow his dongle.

Next up is getting more screen for the eyes, then duplicating everything and patching them together wirelessly. Three weeks to go!