cleaning 12-28-09

In an effort to organize my life in the two and a half days before the New Year and in preparation for some new New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve been doing a little winter cleaning on my laptop.  I’ve been out of the country a lot recently and files for work and pleasure have been accumulating and commingling like I don’t know what.  Time to purge.   Because I’ve been out of the country I also purchased a Skype number to make it easier to conduct business on the cheap when abroad.  When you purchase a Skype number you get to pick any number that is currently available (area code included) and subscribe to it for as long as you see fit.  I’ve subscribed to my number for three months.  When I’m done with it, it’ll be released back into the pool of available numbers.  I imagine many people like me subscribe to a number for a very short period of time, and then give it up.  Perhaps because of this high number-turnover-rate, some people pick up and drop numbers without notifying those that they’ve been in contact with that their number is no longer their number.  Therefore, it’s inevitable that my number and I are getting phone calls for people whom I am not. When I’m not online to answer, they leave voicemails.  Here are a sampling of misdirected voicemails that will never get to their intended recipient.  Marcel, Tom, I am sorry.It wasn’t but a few hours after I originally published this post that I got two more voicemails.And hey.  Why not go ahead and leave your own misdirected voicemail.  Get some things off your chest before the new year!(917) 720-3227

They just keep coming.