CHN01 at The Prelude Festival Tonight ((Uh, last night) Uh, four nights ago)!

I totally lied and did not come through with posting CHN01’s progress.  We all know how it goes.  Too busy making the thing to remember to remember how we’re making it.  Anyway, now’s your chance to come see what I’ve not been releasing early and often.  I’ve got a performance coming up tonight!  Here’s some excerpts (from rehearsal) on video!  You should(‘ve) come!  I was part of the “interactive art” night so there were tons of great performances lined up throughout the night.

- click to play -


I showed a work-in-progess piece called “CHN01″ which is more or less “PLEASEURE” again.  I used a bunch of the EDP set.

Artist Michael Arthur was at the festival all weekend and made some beautiful drawings of some of the artists.  I’m honored that he was able to sketch some of CHN01.