Acting Stranger @ Conflux

Acting Stranger will hopefully screen in some form tomorrow at the Conflux Festival Headquarters in the Village.  I’ll plan on being there around 1:00PM and staying until around 3:00PM.  I’ll bring a couple pairs of headphones and some speakers, and most likely a slew of DVDs to hand out.

I’ve been able to shoot eleven new scenes this week, five of them just today.  I’m becoming more at ease the more I have these stranger experiences with the participants.  I have been too often worrying about lines, and making the other person comfortable, and hoping that they are in the frame of the shot.  It can be hard to let yourself go and just be present in the moment which is ideally what the project is all about.  Being there.  Letting yourself invest totally in someone who you have never seen nor spoken a word to.  I’m realizing a lot about the project as I go forward.  Conflux has turned out to be a good play ground for Acting Stranger.

All the recently uploaded scenes can be found on the new video page of acting stranger here.