Prelude Process 01

I spent a majority of my time on Sunday aggregating source material and things of interest to use as fodder for the mill.  This is what I am currently interested in, reading, watching, and dissecting:

There Will Come Soft Rains – The short story by Ray Bradbury
Open Sky – Paul Verilio
Adbusters – Issue # 79, Hips†er, The Dead End of Western Civilization (see post # 156 – fauxhemian)
Twin Peaks – David Lynch TV series
Zizek! – A film about Slavoj Žižek, directed by Astra Taylor
Within the Context of no Context – George W.S. Trow
Dance sequence from Guys and Dolls – Michael Kidd, choreographer
The Fleetwoods – all songs
YouTube videos of slow-motion plane crashes and skydiving
pistons / machinery