Prelude process

The 2008 Prelude Festival, which is “at the forefront of contemporary NYC theatre and performance” is but one month away. It’s got an unreal lineup this year including Richard Foreman, The Builders Association, Big Art Group, NTUSA, and Banana Bag and Bodice just to name a few. I am not prepared. What to do when procrastination and creator’s block kicks me in the teeth? Post it online. No excuses and public humility are sure to torque me into doing, doing, doing. I’ll be documenting my progress here of the new work I am creating called “CHN01″ as a way to stimulate and catalyze my progress. From the Prelude ’08 website, “CHN01 is an experiment. Andrew performs “the television” using his body and custom-made wearable electronics. ” Yikes, I proposed that?

Here we go.