FINAL : Physical Computing

Physical Computing FINAL : START

The Project: I have chosen to create an installation that uses video tracking to control a VCR.

The Plan:

As the user watches a television screen on which the content is displayed a camera attached to the television tracks their eye movement. The pixels are captured into Processing and the darkest part of the pupil is tracked. Processing talks serially to a PIC microcontroller which, in turn controls a hacked VCR. The VCR displays the content to the TV screen.

all:most state machine diagram.jpg
This cycle opens up possiblilities of strong artistic statement and relevent content. The user’s eye “controls” the content which in turn “controls” the user’s eye.

The Process:
(week one)

Things are still very buggy as I concentrate on the physical computing side of controlling the VCR serially through Processing.
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