UPCOMING performances

I’ve got two (2) performances coming up this next week before I leave for LA with TWG. Catch Retrograde at Monkeytown in Brooklyn as part of an evening’s length-worth of performances called Sculpting Voice (organized by Lesley Flanigan) on Friday the 25th of January at 8PM. The bill also features R. Luke Dubois, Joo Youn Paek, Adam Parrish, Nick Hasty, Nancy Garcia, Eric Beug, Christopher McDonald, and Dafna Naphtali. And if you happen to be in the Savannah Georgia area the day before that, I’ll be demonstrating and lecturing on Experimental Devices for Performance at the Telfair Art Museum at 11AM.(scroll halfway down). And finally, if you just want to hang out I’ll be riding my bike to watch the Packer game with my buddy Ryan at 6:00 today. Reservations are encouraged for the first two events.  Just bring some Schlitz to Ryan’s and you’re in the door.