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Having viewed much of the material that you’ve posted I sincerely hope that you don’t consider yourself an artist of ANY kind. Vanity is fine as long as you have something to be vain about, you sir are just vain!

If you want to learn something about real art I suggest that you study the works of BANKSY or GILBERT & GEORGE in fact research ANY artist of ANY calibre who has a sense of humour. “AVANT GARDE” is now quite rightly considered a euphemism for “shit” in England, and dated… god almighty OH, SO dated! What a grown man in his thirties is doing wasting his time on this self-serving rubbish is beyond me, give up, get laid… do anything else… PLEASE!

The only consilation I get from taking time out to look at this crap is that you must live alone. God help the man (or woman) who would even tolerate this for a day. Lighten up, pull that stick out of your arse and do something worthwhile with your life. Maybe you should learn to make soap, if the world ends and you survive at least you’ll have a skill that’s useful. But maybe you’re TRYING to be useless and you have a wicked sense of irony after all! Somehow I doubt it.

Grow up sonny and get a real job, OK?