I used electrical tape to affix my Canon Powershot to the front of my bike before I left for my morning commute. I live in Astoria, and right now I am working at the Public Theater on Lafayette and 8th Street in Manhattan. Such a thing as time lapse footage of a commute may be “played out” I realize – as some of my Wooster co-workers made fun of me for doing such a thing, however it got me to thinking as to why I was interested in the idea to begin with. For some reason, this video is highly personal to me. I’ve watched it over and over. It’s a geographical tracing of my route from one location in the city to another. But, it is also a document of a time line of events. I remember what I was thinking at certain landmarks, certain intersections. I remember specific thoughs from threading in between certain trucks. Ever since I got a bike I feel a ceratain ownership of the city that I’ve never felt before. That’s really very nice to me. So I decided to document it. For better or for worse. The music is Caribou. The video is here. My basic route is here.