Retrograde02 @ Prelude (document)

whew. Coming down from the nausea of performance anxiety. My performance at the Prelude Festival went well. Many thanks to Kate Hartman for helping out running the software and Frank, Ruth, and Andy for making things run so smoothly. Below is a link to the pseudo-documentation of Retrograde02.

- click to play -

Unfortunately, I was unable to actually document this thing properly. The first four minutes of the video show what I actually performed on stage. When the first four minutes is done I actually run out of the space and across the street to buy the audience milk and cookies that we end up sharing after the performance. That’s what the second screen is about. The first four minutes of the performance is projected in reverse on the screen behind me while the close-circuit footage is played on the television. This particular performance’s timing worked out especially well.  As I ran back into the room, the reversed piece was just ending.  the audience applause forced a second bow for me, which eventually allowed for a reversed third bow in the original video, since it’s the first thing I actually do on stage.  Worked out quite perfectly.  There’s another documentation from a performance of this piece two years ago at P.S.122 that captures this a bit better here.