jackie o’ver easy

Industrial Design Project 3 : BENT

The Project:

Use The New Media Center’s laser cutter to etch or cut a “pattern” into a material. Bend the materials to make a new object, practical or otherwise. The BENT project is the most loosely defined project in the Industrial Design class to date. We are encouraged to play.

The result:

I chose to experiment with new materials. The laser cutter allows a cut more intricate and precise than a traditional hand cut. It uses heat to burn through or etch into a material.

The white of an egg changes consistency and color when heated. My goal is to use the laser cutter to precicely “cook” a pattern into an egg.

The pattern:
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

The process:
jackie o eggwhites.jpg
A glass ashtray was used to hold the whites in place while the laser raster etched an Adobe Illustrator file of an image of Jacquline Kennedy Onassis into the white of an egg.

The result:
A thin layer of cooked egg was extracted and is in refrigerated storage.