seminude_reclining.jpgIn a paper I recently wrote titled, “Truth in Content : Who Does it Matter To?” I pushed for the public’s realization of untruth in all entertainment. I argued not so much for the lowering of collective expectations as for the awareness of masses to such coersion. I received several replies. One excerpted response reads, “When I see your things I have this striking view of Egon Schiele.”

Egon Schiele? I have never heard of such a person. Is he a famous writer? A much-loved local hero? A well-liked basis for a character from the film Ghost Busters?

Egon Schiele, as it turns out was an Austrian artist born in 1890 and a would-be successor of Klimt‘s

An excerpt from Schiele’s on-line biography: “Schiele’s narcissism, exhibitionism and persecution-mania can all be found united in the poster he produced for his first one-man exhibition in Vienna, held at the Galerie Arnot at the very beginning Of 1915, in which he portrayed himself as St Sebastian.

“In 1918 he was invited to be a major participant in the Sezession’s 49th exhibition. For this he produced a poster design strongly reminiscent of the Last Supper, with his own portrait in the place of Christ.”


It’s not all bad…the response I received continues, “It’s always a pleasure to have your intelligent and subtly auto-narcissic creations. Ego centered poetry, love it.”

Well then…thank you.