In doing some research for a writing response to an article about Krzysztof Wodiczko, I needed to look through a lot of old footage from my undergrad. I have 40 or 50 Digital8 tapes from those four years that sit in my closet, waitng to be digitized. While looking through that stuff I found my graduate application supplemental materials reel and gave that a gander. It reminded me just how much stuff I used to do that is what I would now consider “analog.” All these different video and photo techniques. Need a Final Cut Pro filter that makes a video look damaged / interference? Why not copy it over to VHS and stick your hands in the VCR to manually disrupt the data. Need the audio to sound tinny and shallow? Record the voice over off of the phone. I guess I still use some of these techniques in my my work, but what really struck me as being different was photography. Spending years in a darkroom, I reviled the advent of digital photography. Where was the art? No process. No chemicals. No blood, sweat ,and tears. I found footage from a shoot I did in completely dark dance studio with pen lights attached to my limbs and the camera set to “bulb” (there is no specific amount of time the shutter knows to stay open, the shutter stays open until it is closed again). See header image for the result of that shoot. I realize I really miss those old photo techniques and so I got out my point and shoot digital camera to see if it has s “bulb” setting. No dice. The best I’ve got on my Canon Powershot A540 is a setting to keep the shutter open for fifteen seconds. That’ll have to do. Extending my procrastination evn further into the night, I used a standalone flash bulb to make the following images: