The Creator’s Project – User Preferences: Tech Q&A

I was very happy to be featured on The (indefatigably awesome) Creator’s Project site this week.

“The Creators Project is a global network dedicated to the celebration of creativity, culture and technology.  Each week we chat about the tools of the trade with one outstanding creative to find out exactly how they do what they do. The questions are always the same, the answers, not so much. This week: Andrew Schneider”


The Wooster Group has revamped its website.  I’ve been part of the team putting it all together.  We’ve been posting a new video everyday.  To sustain this we’ve been pulling things from the TWG archives, rehearsal clips, readings from reviews, and Zbigniew Bzymek has been documenting our process in a glorious in-progress meta-film.  We’re just getting started and I’m excited for the things that are to come.

W+F New York Times Review

My latest full-length show, WOW+FLUTTER finished a sold-out run at the incomparably fantastic LIC venue The Chocolate Factory Theater in February.  I’ve been compiling the documentation and will be continually posting and updating things here.  In the mean time, Claudia La Rocco wrote a review of WOW+FLUTTER in the New York Times.  Here it is:

photo: Robert Caplin for The New York Times

The distinctive shaftway connecting the two levels of the Chocolate Factory in Queens is the theatrical gift that keeps on giving. It’s only a matter of time until some enterprising artist eschews this Long Island City theater’s larger stages and makes an entire show in the confines of that brick-lined space.

Last Friday night, Andrew Schneider climbed, slid and threw himself out of (and sometimes down) the passageway during his new evening-length solo, “Wow + Flutter.” He was all over the place — literally and metaphorically — using a harness, interactive projections and custom-built, wearable electronics. Gadgets, almost nonstop babble on themes both esoteric and mundane, numerous pop-culture images and even a brief Michael Jackson dance created a sort of technological id, governed by, to take Mr. Schneider’s words slightly out of context, his “internal head speed.”

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TWG’s North Atlantic @ REDCAT

The Wooster Group‘s North Atlantic is running this weekend and next at the REDCAT in downtown Los Angeles.  It’s a great show, and I was lucky enough to get to rehearse as “Lud” for the month that we were in rehearsals at the Garage in SoHo, while Scott Shepherd was in a run of Gatz in Cambridge with ERS.  I was able to get out there this weekend to shoot the show for our archive, and was really finally able to experience the show for the first time as a pseudo-audience member.  The show is mind-blowing.  A reminder not only of why I’ve always wanted to work with this company, but why I became involved in theatre in the first place.  Really visceral, inspiring stuff.  Go see it.


photo: Paula Court

Grab tickets for the LA run here.

TWG will bring NA to NYC in March and April for a run at the newly renovated Jerome Robbin’s Theatre inside the Baryshnikov Art’s Center.  Buy those Tickets here.

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New work at The Chocolate Factory

I’m very excited to announce the opening of a new piece in February at The Chocolate Factory.  I’m currently in further development of a piece called WOW AND FLUTTER.  You may have seen work-in-progress showings at Issue Project Room last April.  Well, the show is back, and it’s still different.  From the press release:

When everything, all information is all accessible, and all at the same time and all simultaneously; order, ordinance does not matter. Linear time as we know it is indifferent. Things poke holes in the present moment from other places. The whole of everything is now in one frame. Everything at once. All the time. Flattened out. With a meat tenderizer.

Click here to watch an early excerpt from WOW AND FLUTTER.

The Chocolate Factory is awesome.COME!  

To purchase lots of tickets, (or just one), click here.

cleaning 12-28-09

In an effort to organize my life in the two and a half days before the New Year and in preparation for some new New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve been doing a little winter cleaning on my laptop.  I’ve been out of the country a lot recently and files for work and pleasure have been accumulating and commingling like I don’t know what.  Time to purge.   Because I’ve been out of the country I also purchased a Skype number to make it easier to conduct business on the cheap when abroad.  When you purchase a Skype number you get to pick any number that is currently available (area code included) and subscribe to it for as long as you see fit.  I’ve subscribed to my number for three months.  When I’m done with it, it’ll be released back into the pool of available numbers.  I imagine many people like me subscribe to a number for a very short period of time, and then give it up.  Perhaps because of this high number-turnover-rate, some people pick up and drop numbers without notifying those that they’ve been in contact with that their number is no longer their number.  Therefore, it’s inevitable that my number and I are getting phone calls for people whom I am not. When I’m not online to answer, they leave voicemails. I had a voicemail about my site ranking from 136 to 27 from the SEO reseller website I work with and I was really excited. Here are a sampling of misdirected voicemails that will never get to their intended recipient.  Marcel, Tom, I am sorry.

It wasn’t but a few hours after I originally published this post that I got two more voicemails.

And hey.  Why not go ahead and leave your own misdirected voicemail.  Get some things off your chest before the new year!(917) 720-3227

They just keep coming.

what happened.

Things have been happening since June.  Here are some of them.