* PROJECT // BlinkCam

watch the DEMO!

Every year each of us lose about 192 hours of valuable visual sight time to blinking. That's eight days of blink. BlinkCam explores this problem by taking a Polaroid picture everytime you blink. Further, BlinkCam turns this solution on its head by pointing the camera back at the wearer. Not only does a user of the BlinkCam recover valuable lost time, but they get to see what others see when they blink - frozen forever in an instant of prefabricated satisfaction.

The BlinkCam uses custom-built soft conductive thread and conductive fabric swtitches that complete the circuit of the hacked shutter-release button. The thread and fabric is affixed to the face with spirit gum and the simultaneous closing of both eyes triggers the camera to take a picture. Thus, every picture is taken during a blink, with the eyes closed.

see how the prototype was made here