“Hallucinatory. Psychotropic. Miraculous. A show like Andrew Schneider’s “After” invites baroque descriptors. But I should probably just tell you that for most of the show I thought the stage was floating. The stage was not floating.” (full review) – Alexis Soloski, The New York Times

New York Times profile on Andrew Schneider

“…there exists nothing else like it. This is what LIFT is for, what theatre is for. A genuinely mind-blowing show.” (full review) – Tim Bano, The Stage UK

“Exeunt don’t do star ratings but if we did, this would be five stars.” (full review) – Lauren Mooney, Exeunt Magazine

“Revelatory Theater” (full review) – Miriam Felton-Dansky, The Village Voice

“Jagged and miraculous” (full review) – The New Yorker

“Transcendent mind-fuckery” – NYMag Approval Matrix

“An electrifying mission into the distant galaxies of the self. ★★★★★” (full review) – Tim Byrne, TimeOut Melbourne

“A wondrous and disorienting sci-fi, it hitches high-tech gadgetry to the bodily arts in a way that stays true to both the intellectual fascinations of scientific theory, and the immediacy and physical presence of theatre. ★★★★½” (full review) – Cameron Woodhead, The Sydney Morning Herald

“Inventive…astounding…continually finds new ways to challenge and engage its viewers, to surprise and mystify us. ★★★★★” NYTimes Critics’ Pick. (full review) – Alexis Soloski, The New York Times

“A weird hybrid of an inspirational seminar, confessional one-man show, introductory lecture on relativity and visually gorgeous prediction of what will happen when the machines take over, YOUARENOWHERE is a tour de force—both of acting and design. ★★★★★” (full review) – Helen Shaw, TimeOut New York

“Schneider and his crack team of creative collaborators have near-perfected their own brand of intelligent spectacle…they wholly transform the performance space into an unsettling, unidentifiable elsewhere. Not since Richard Foreman’s productions have I seen interiority and exteriority collapsed so compellingly, carving out a singular space in which both actors and audience perform.” (full review) – Jennifer Krasinski, ARTFORUM

“YOUARENOWHERE is a performance I’ll be thinking about for a very long time. It broke every cynical bone in my body and replaced them with optimism, really more of a burning desire to hunt, for the next great performance that will expand my view of what is possible in the theater and in life.” (full review) – Lindsay Barenz, Flavorpill

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