Andrew Schneider’s masterful yet brutal utilization of theater technology, his relentless instinct for perfectly staging the metaphysical homelessness and helpless ethical and intellectual disorientation of humankind is so different to most productions by young artists in Europe…What is most admirable about this writer, director, and master of stage technology is his perfect sense of timing. The way he paces his spectacle, chops up space into light and dark, and meaning into absurd particle projectiles, the way he splinters the dramatic and technical performance by the Sasha Waltz dancers into iconic image fragments—one follows these mysterious events with total fascination…The skill of the Sasha Waltz dancers lies in their authentic embodiment of this intricate and frightfully coherent incoherence, the way in which they ride the wave of disruptive experience so that we embrace the experience rather than reject it, even if it elicits grief, like the sight of a lamp still swinging long after the one who accidentally nudged it in such an embrace has gone.” (full translated review) – Wiebke Huester, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“Andrew Schneider has designed a universe of his own, dissolving linear reality with all the logic and consistency we think we recognize in the process…A fascinating and ever surprising intoxicating visual experience…” (full translated review)- Frank Schmid, rbbKultur


“Hallucinatory. Psychotropic. Miraculous. A show like Andrew Schneider’s “After” invites baroque descriptors. But I should probably just tell you that for most of the show I thought the stage was floating. The stage was not floating.” (full review) – Alexis Soloski, The New York Times

New York Times profile on Andrew Schneider


“…there exists nothing else like it. This is what LIFT is for, what theatre is for. A genuinely mind-blowing show.” (full review) – Tim Bano, The Stage UK

“Exeunt don’t do star ratings but if we did, this would be five stars.” (full review) – Lauren Mooney, Exeunt Magazine

“Revelatory Theater” (full review) – Miriam Felton-Dansky, The Village Voice

“Jagged and miraculous” (full review) – The New Yorker

“Transcendent mind-fuckery” – NYMag Approval Matrix

“An electrifying mission into the distant galaxies of the self. ★★★★★” (full review) – Tim Byrne, TimeOut Melbourne

“A wondrous and disorienting sci-fi, it hitches high-tech gadgetry to the bodily arts in a way that stays true to both the intellectual fascinations of scientific theory, and the immediacy and physical presence of theatre. ★★★★½” (full review) – Cameron Woodhead, The Sydney Morning Herald

“Inventive…astounding…continually finds new ways to challenge and engage its viewers, to surprise and mystify us. ★★★★★” NYTimes Critics’ Pick. (full review) – Alexis Soloski, The New York Times

“A weird hybrid of an inspirational seminar, confessional one-man show, introductory lecture on relativity and visually gorgeous prediction of what will happen when the machines take over, YOUARENOWHERE is a tour de force—both of acting and design. ★★★★★” (full review) – Helen Shaw, TimeOut New York

“Schneider and his crack team of creative collaborators have near-perfected their own brand of intelligent spectacle…they wholly transform the performance space into an unsettling, unidentifiable elsewhere. Not since Richard Foreman’s productions have I seen interiority and exteriority collapsed so compellingly, carving out a singular space in which both actors and audience perform.” (full review) – Jennifer Krasinski, ARTFORUM

“YOUARENOWHERE is a performance I’ll be thinking about for a very long time. It broke every cynical bone in my body and replaced them with optimism, really more of a burning desire to hunt, for the next great performance that will expand my view of what is possible in the theater and in life.” (full review) – Lindsay Barenz, Flavorpill


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