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EXPERIMENTAL DEVICES FOR PERFORMANCE are a set of five wearable devices creating a new experiment in theatrical performance.

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"OMFG its just so amazing, you can be at the beach all day grooving to tunes on your ipod and never run out of electricity while wearing this photovoltaic bikini! And who goes in the water anyways?"

- treehugger

A solar film bikini that charges your iPod! (With a USB connection!)

The suit is a standard medium-sized bikini swimsuit retrofitted with 1" x 4" photovoltaic film strips sewn together in series with conductive thread. The cells terminate in a 5 volt regulator into a female USB connection

Don't worry guys! The male version of the Solar Bikini (coming soon) called the iDrink, features a greater surface area which equals more output voltage. This additional juice is used to power a 1.5 amp peltier junction which cools a single beer in a custom coozy. Double cool!

The iDrink solar swimware line is perfect for those who want to go the beach, listen to music, and enjoy a cold and deserved beverage, but who don't want to get wet! You've got tunes, you've got beer, you've got sun, and you've got eachother in swimwear. The rest is up to you.

See you on the Jersey Shore!

featured at the ITP winter show

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True + False began with a simple assignment: each company member was to write two autobiographical stories. Catch 1: one had to be true, the other false. When we read them to each other, would we be able to tell the difference? Catch 2: each of the stories itself had to treat the basic theme of truth v. falsehood, reality v. virtuality, appearance v. essence, or authenticity v. inauthenticity. Together, what would these stories say about the true and the false?

Can you discern the sweet smell of truth from the stench of deceit? Should you believe your eyes or trust your senses? What you’re about to see performed are sixteen stories. Eight are true, eight are false. After each story, we’re going to ask you to cast your ballot, to tell us if what you’ve just heard is true or false. But remember, when playing true and false, we’re all losers sometimes.

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Many people liken the RumbleTV! to a cute robotic guard dog that literally "shake attacks" the more movement it detects from whomever it "sees". It is a small interactive device consisting of a 5" B&W CRT monitor, and a small security camera mounted on four 24VDC solenoids has recently been seen rumbling at the Sony Wonder Tech Labs ITP showing on August 29th.

RumbleTV!'s software was prototyped in java and later patched in a live video processing software called Isadora put out by Troika Tronix.

This is version 2 of RumbleTV!
The original RumbleTV! was much less interactive and much more a wiley guard dog which reacted to it's own pre-recorded loop of growls and barks. (watch the clip)