I got a Flickr Pro account. I remember two years ago when I heard someone say, “I just need a good photo manager.” I laughed…nay, scoffed. I actually wrote the phrase down so I could use it later. How absurd.
I finally replaced my second stolen camera.
I got a Flickr Pro account. Here we go.

STRATEGIES (against architecture)

My theatre company, big|picture|group is currently in residence at the University of Chicago. We will be showing what we’ve been up to this Sunday (August 10th) at 7:00 PM in the first floor theatre at the Reynolds Club on the corner of 57th St. and University on the U of C campus. It’s free. It’s about architecture. Literal, metaphorical, incomprehensible. It’s free.

I’ve set up a blog to have the group who’s working on it document their thoughts and process. Not too much activity here, but still a good document for a frustrating process.

ah well.

This summer I applied for a finishing funds stipend from I made it as a one of five finalists, but found out today that I did not close the deal. The guy who did however really deserves it. I think that I can honestly say that I am genuinely more excited for this guy to have the money rather than me.


SIGGRAPH unravel 2007

It’s the SIGGRAPH UnRavel festival 2007 in sunny San Diego California! I just wish I was actually there. I’m doing some really artsy shit in Chicago, but thanks to some last minute favors from great friends, it looks like everything is working out alright for the solar bikini during this two-day event. A nice spread this morning on the BBC’s website including othe ITPers Jenny Chowdhury and Joo Youn Paek. I can’t wait to roll out the iDrink!

more on the solar bikini…

GPS strike

Hello. The Good Person of Setzuan has now closed. My theatre company in Chicago, Big|Picture|Group, ran the Brecht classic for five weeks at the Athenaeum theatre on the north side. Over all the show went well. We got some reviews from The Chicago Tribune, the Windy City Times, Center Stage, the Chicago Reader, and Time Out Chicago. I’d like to take the opportunity here to single out a pretty amazing review here from If you know Brecht, you know why this review is almost not to be believed.

I took some time lapse of the strike after our last show. It’s pretty boring.

Solar Objectification

Oh boy. The Solar Bikini was covered today by the national news personality Kurt the Cyberguy on the CW11 in NYC, KTLA in LA, and WGN in Chicago. The solar bikini has gotten press before, but none of this magnitude. A fairly good first showing for the first person who has actually put the thing on. Thanks to Preston Noon for being my doppelgänger and the bikini’s “handler” while I was away in Chicago. All in all a decent summer so far for the bikini. I may have to take Preston’s advice though on the PayPal account for SolarCoterie. I’m flat broke with hundreds of dollars worth of solar bikini on my hands.

I believe the proper quote to end on would be, “you don’t really need an iPod, because we all have music inside our head.”

thank you.


I was fortunate enough to be invited toand be on the guest list for the second of this years WarmUp series at the contemporary art center P.S.1 in Long Island City, just a brisk 20-minute walk from my Astoria apartment. It was a good thing I was on the guest list too. The guest list entitles its namesakes to free beer. It was needed. I thought I knew what to expect from a contemporary art rock party and for the most part I was right…it was exactly how I imagined it. But imagining such a thing by default sets you outside of the thing, looking in. You don’t get the feeling of a place, the scent in your nose, the air of a place and the aura, touching your skin. You can’t feel the cold of air-conditioner water splashing your face, or taste the soap of toy bubbles in your beer from imagination alone.

Art-people are fucking nuts. Insane. All of them. And I won’t hesitate to describe half of them as quite literally thus. My friend Chris described the scene as the “dirty” part of a party evening. That period of time when nothing is coalescing, when nothing is gelling. Every thing’s awry. Bodies thrash unnaturally about out of time with the art-punk music. Art bands rip songs to shreds on-stage then pose melancholically sheepish at photo-ops off stage, sucking their necklaces and fossy-ing their pointed leather art-boots stemming from skin tight black jeans under the swelter of a 90 degree glam-art midday sun. It was an odd scene to behold. It was the feeling that no-one here were themselves an artist, but that everyone definitely knew someone who “was gonna be really hot.” Art groupies. They throw all the best parties.

Thank goodness the beer was free.

I had a great time.


In the last two days of prepping for the Cincinnati Fringe Festival it’s been a lot of set up. The video rig (see video below) contains just under 20 televisions all which company members had to cart down here from Chicago over the past few days.

Posting when I get the time…more to come

Between Race And Republic

I arrived early yesterday morning in the beautiful city of Cincinnati, Ohio, my college nickname’s namesake (Joey Cincinnati). From Wikipedia I have gained the knowledge that Cincinnati was orininally called Losantiville:

“Losantiville” from four terms, each of different language, meaning “The city opposite the mouth of the Licking River.” “Ville” is French for “city,” “anti” is Greek for “opposite,” “os” is Latin for “mouth,” and “L” was all that was included of “Licking River.”

Indeed. I am here with my theatre company Big Picture Group to participate in the Cincinnati Fringe Festival opposite the mouth of the licking river. We are furthering our production of TRUE+FALSE.

With no one else around today I was able to take in the city. The best way to get to know a city is by walking it. Although I didn’t charge myself with the task of walking the entire city, I did set out to get to know my immediate area. Our company is being housed in an arts complex on the southern border of Over the Rhine and Downtown. I started out on a giant loop around the area. First north on Vine up to 13th. Right to Main. Main all the way down to 3rd Street which is where The Taste of Cincinnati was happening this memorial day weekend. Then it was over to Elm and all the way back up to 14th Street. I was getting some looks mostly on the North side of Central Parkway, which is apparently the dividing line between Over the Rhine and Downtown. I got a “what’s up big man?” from a kid hanging out with his girlfriend. And as I walked between Race Street and Republic on 14th I heard some shouting from down the block near Washington park. “White boy!” It could’ve been anyone really, if there had been any other white boys in the vicinity. “White boy!” I don’t think the Mohawk is helping here. “Go the fuck home white boy!”


I can’t say that it didn’t affect me. I’m still not sure what I think about it. Am I a white punk gentrifying this man’s neighborhood for the week? Why am I getting yelled at here, but not a couple blocks south?

When I got back to the arts complex I’m staying in, I started doing some research on the history of the area. Most notable are the 2001 riots sparked from the death of Timothy Thomas. Thomas, 19, was shot in a dark alley by officer Stephen Roach who was later cleared of criminal charges. Thomas was unarmed. Thomas was wanted and had a number of warrants out for his arrest. Among them, he was wanted for driving without a seatbelt.

There are a plethora of articles on this subject that I’ve found through a simple google search or two, and none of them stand out as anything authoritative, in fact, they seem to contradict one another in a number of small ways.

One video produced by the extremely and frighteningly racistCouncil of Concervative Citizens ( is a scary really fucking scary example of a big part of the problem in racial tensions in cities like Cincinnati. Sad.

Midway through my research, I decided to head down to The Taste of Cincinnati downtown. There I ran into several beached-whales of red-skinned boozy business men and their families, I met a kid working for a company that is giving away a free luxury car, I met a police woman named Stella who didn’t want to talk about the local shelters Cincinnati has to offer, and I talked at length with Anthony Merit, a homeless man living in Cincinnati his entire life.

I’ve started writing about the experience, his story, and am trying to actively weave something together for T+F. Anthony’s story is very much true, he just doesn’t have a venue withing which to tell it. Much more on this later. For now I am excited to continue to explore this area in the minimal amounts of free time we’ll have here.

I will continue to post about BPG’s time at the Cincy Fringe here. Everyone arrives today. Here we go.