I used electrical tape to affix my Canon Powershot to the front of my bike before I left for my morning commute. I live in Astoria, and right now I am working at the Public Theater on Lafayette and 8th Street in Manhattan. Such a thing as time lapse footage of a commute may be “played out” I realize – as some of my Wooster co-workers made fun of me for doing such a thing, however it got me to thinking as to why I was interested in the idea to begin with. For some reason, this video is highly personal to me. I’ve watched it over and over. It’s a geographical tracing of my route from one location in the city to another. But, it is also a document of a time line of events. I remember what I was thinking at certain landmarks, certain intersections. I remember specific thoughs from threading in between certain trucks. Ever since I got a bike I feel a ceratain ownership of the city that I’ve never felt before. That’s really very nice to me. So I decided to document it. For better or for worse. The music is Caribou. The video is here. My basic route is here.

Retrograde02 @ Prelude (document)

whew. Coming down from the nausea of performance anxiety. My performance at the Prelude Festival went well. Many thanks to Kate Hartman for helping out running the software and Frank, Ruth, and Andy for making things run so smoothly. Below is a link to the pseudo-documentation of Retrograde02.

- click to play -

Unfortunately, I was unable to actually document this thing properly. The first four minutes of the video show what I actually performed on stage. When the first four minutes is done I actually run out of the space and across the street to buy the audience milk and cookies that we end up sharing after the performance. That’s what the second screen is about. The first four minutes of the performance is projected in reverse on the screen behind me while the close-circuit footage is played on the television. This particular performance’s timing worked out especially well.  As I ran back into the room, the reversed piece was just ending.  the audience applause forced a second bow for me, which eventually allowed for a reversed third bow in the original video, since it’s the first thing I actually do on stage.  Worked out quite perfectly.  There’s another documentation from a performance of this piece two years ago at P.S.122 that captures this a bit better here.

Retrograde02 @ The Prelude Festival

Nerrrrvous. I’ll be performing a wondrous phonetically-backwards performance piece about everything-in-my-life-ever to kick off the Prelude Festival at the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center (located at The Graduate Center 365 Fifth Avenue (at 34 Street)) on Wednesday the 26th around 8:00pm. The night starts at 6:30 with “a discussion on the process of bringing challenging new work to broader audiences and the effects this process has on artists and institutions. Panelists include: Sarah Benson, Adam Bock, Jim Nicola, and Alex Timbers with moderator David Cote.” My short performance is to follow the discussion. A reception with then follow me. Looks like 31Down and The Laboratory Theater will both have work in the festival this year. The whole thing is free! .ereht uoy ees ot epoh. try it…

Solar Bikini @ Greylock

The Solar Bikini is now in the hands of the Greylock Arts Gallery in Adams, MA as part of the Sustainable Energy Art show there along with several other sustainable ITP projects. Journalist John E. Mitchell of the North Adams Transcript wrote what I think is hands-down the best article on the Bikini yet (link). In other news(papers), MaryJane Weedman (yes) of the WSJ or Washington Square Jounal wrote up this little article on the Bikini this weekend as well. Thanks journalists! I can’t wait to see where the bikini will end up next. The South American Rainforests? The rumors may be true.

here we go.

TWG first dayandsoyesherewego. I started my job at The Wooster Group yesterday. Hey alright. I’m nervous, excited, and sad. I am working at Paltalk and doing some free lance with the HotelSavant. I am proposing a class, and riding my bike and taking pictures and sleeping on couches, and kicking off the Prelude Festival with a short reprisal of Retrograde. Hey alright. Let’s go.


new bike (with tecate) (in kitchen)
I picked up this sweet stripped down machine from a great guy in Greenpoint. I’m in love.


Fucking finally.

A new blog address means finally being able to comment.  ohmygodthepossibilities.  In all honesty, I have not a clue in the world if anyone stops by here sometimes occasional, but in the off chance that you do, I’d love to know it and know what you might think.  The whole move was actually finally pushed over the edge by Mike Bukhin when he let me know he tried leaving a comment on my toJanice post and received an error.

Well, Mike, no more errors.  I’m gonna comment on my own shit right now just for the fun of it.  Thanks.

Join me!  Comment!  GRRRAAararashhghggg!!!


After a very long time with Movable Type, I’ve finally switched over to Word Press. I’ve wanted to this for so long now, but the fact that MT wouldn’t properly export all my previous entries and that Godaddy wouldn’t properly serve Word Press stuffs made it somewhat difficult. I’ve switched my Godaddy hosting over to Linux which takes care of the Word Press compatibility problem and I’ve manually exported most of my prebvious entries at the old address.

So here it is…a new simpler address, one that can actually receive comments, and one that is under my administration.
The old blog address will stay there for permalink purposes, and this new address will be the one with fresh and exciting updates from the land of Narcissus.
tell your friends…


Just got back from the Janice Dickinson Modeling experience. Wowsers. Here’s my documentation. The segment doesn’t air until December. More later.


I’ll be in LA this morning (right now I’m in NYC) to shoot a segment for the reality TV show, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. Janice wants to turn her agency green. I’m there to help, and to get het into the solar bikini. I’ll be back in NYC tonight, god willing. More to come.